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Susu heats up!

March 31, 2009

Susu heats up!

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Bought a new space heater for my studio yesterday as my old one had crapped out. Hadn’t needed it of late as it’s been warm and spring-like here, however, yesterday all the stormy weather brought some cool temps back to North Alabama. So, I brought out the new heater and turned it on to see how well it would work.

I no sooner turned back around and there was Susu, my little oriental shorthair girl, right up against it. I mean, if I had started to smell burnt cat hair I wouldn’t have been surprised!!

Global warming?? My cats say bring it on!


Another Nibblefest painting on Ebay!

March 24, 2009

Cat Groom

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Here’s my last entry for auction for the Nibblefest Ebay art contest, theme this month, “asian inspired”. I love doing chinese brushwork ink paintings of cats, and this is definitely asian-inspired, with a twist!

A portrait of a cat doing the groom….based on my rescue cat Kesey. This would be a good pairing with my other cat ink painting for auction on Ebay right now, check them out!

But, you have to get in there quick for this one, as it’s only a 3 DAY AUCTION!

Cat Groom Ebay Auction

sleeping cat ink painting

March 23, 2009

sleeping cat ink painting

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One of my entries in the Ebay Nibblefest art contest. This is a themed contest that runs each month starting on the 20th and ending on the 27th, each piece of art starting at a no reserve price of $.99! Now how great is that?? This month’s theme is Asian Inspired.

I have 2 pieces running right now, may have a third to list later tonight…

This piece is a chinese brushwork painting of a favorite subject of mine, a sleeping cat. This one based on my cat Alice. This is hand-ground chinese ink 9×12 Arches 300# watercolor paper.

Sleeping Cat Ebay Auction

Dashiel under cover

March 18, 2009

Dashiel under cover

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My rescue siamese Dashiel likes to burrow under the covers and sleep, I caught this shot of just his paw sticking out last night, lol.

Silly head.

Frida wins EBSQ Simon Sez challenge!

February 24, 2009


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There is a weekly challenge on EBSQ called Simon Sez. The winner of the challenge each week picks the theme. Now how could I resist the “fur” theme?? lol! This photograph I took of my rescue cat Frida won last week, woo hoo!

See details on the EBSQ Blog!

On Ebay right now!

February 21, 2009

Dashiel Sleeps with the Beanies

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This is my entry for the Ebay Nibblefest art contest this month, theme Vintage Cats. My cat Dashiel loves to sleep on top of my Beanie Babies, and I have painted him as such. This is an original 16×20 oil painting with a no reserve starting price of $.99, so, don’t miss out on this auction! Search NFAC on Ebay this week from Feb. 20-27 for all the great Nibblefest entries!

Click HERE to see the auction!

Cat Charity Raffle Winner Announced!

February 14, 2009

Just announced the winner of my cat charity raffle, details in my LiveJournal blog…

Cats Decide the Winner!

This was so much fun to do, I think it will be an annual event.  Thanks so much to all those who participated in the 2009 inaugural Tag’s Cats Valentine’s Day Raffle!

win a custom pet portrait oil painting!

February 1, 2009

So, it’s no secret it’s been a pretty crappy few months around here in the house of many furries.  I have lost 3 cats and a dog since just before Christmas.  The latest, and really no surprise, was my sweet Bronte just this past Thursday.  It was time, though no less heart-breaking, Bronte had been with me for nearly 17 years.  She came to me a skinny flea-ridden kitten from the local humane society, and grew into a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell cat, and kept her loving disposition throughout her life.  She loved to be carried around and would rest her paws on my shoulder and purr into my ear.  

I decided to honor her memory by helping other cats in need.  I am running a raffle, the winner of which will receive a custom 16×20 pet portrait oil painting.  The drawing will be held on Valentine’s Day.  All the proceeds will benefit a local feline rescue from whom I have adopted several cats, Forgotten Felines.  Full details regarding the raffle can be found HERE

I’m happy to say since posting about it for the first time yesterday, I have some entrants already.  Hoping for lots more!

Gentle journey, Bronte, my baby girl.  I will always hear you purring in my ear.


Cat Pillow

January 29, 2009

Cat Pillow

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Who says greyhounds don’t get along with cats? That’s Stella my greyhound using Dickens as a pillow….

5×7 sleeping ink cat

November 15, 2008

5×7 sleeping ink cat

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A new ink cat painting just listed on Etsy! This 5×7 is based on my cat Alma, she’s so sweet.